2023–2024 CSIR Bursary Programme for African Students

Are you a talented student from Africa who needs money to pay for your undergraduate or graduate studies? Through the famous CSIR Bursary Programme, CSIR provides educational funding to students like you.

This blog article outlines all the procedures you must follow to apply for the CSIR Bursary Programme. As you read this article through to the finish, you will find additional helpful information, like the application deadline.


The CSIR provides fully financed scholarships. This one, however, is only half financed. Because CSIR won’t cover all of their costs, all prospective students or candidates must pay students.

Summary of CSIR Bursary Programme Scholarship

CSIR is the organisation behind the scholarship award.


The scholarship programme is subsidised to some extent.

The CSIR intends to grant scholarships to several deserving students.

The website below contains information on the host of the scholarship award.


Students from South Africa are eligible for the scholarship scheme.

The scholarship expires on 20 August 2023.

Documents required for CSIR Bursary Programme scholarships

Proof of degrees earned is required for master’s and doctorate applications.

certified identification proof for the applicant

CV: curriculum vitae

student’s most recent academic performance

 CSIR Bursary Programme Scholarship Advantages

It provides for the lodging of the chosen candidate.

It pays the tuition costs for the selected candidate.

It includes the books chosen applicant

It consists of the living expenses of the selected candidate.

It has a one-time laptop allowance for the selected candidate.

Criteria for CSIR Bursary Programme Scholarship Eligibility

The prerequisites for an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree are different. We’ll make every effort to provide the following two.

College-level [Bachelor’s Degree]

Interested students must apply to their top-choice South African institutions for the selected degree programmes.

The eligibility certificate needed for admission to the institutions of interest must be held by interested students.

Master’s and doctoral degrees

Excellent organisation and time management abilities are possessed by interested pupils.

Interested students must have strong writing abilities in the sciences.

Excellent report-writing skills are a must for interest.

Interested students must have stellar academic records.

Guidelines for CSIR Bursary Programme Scholarship Applications

Before the deadline, submit your application and supporting documentation via the application link below.

Apply Here


Applications received after the cutoff date won’t be reviewed. All candidates chosen to receive scholarship funds will be contacted through the email addresses they provided when submitting their applications.


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