2023 Argelander Scholarships at the University of Bonn in Germany.

The University of Bonn – Germany is offering financing through the Argelander Scholarships for
learners from countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia to facilitate scientific exchange with
associates, especially in provinces that have been moderately marginalized in terms of scientific
presentation, and to facilitate transnational partnership in the important provinces demonstrated
in the cooperation technique. The allocation is for a duration of at least three and not more than
one year.

Eligibility Measures For The Argelander Scholarships:

1. Candidates must be transnational doctoral recipients seeking a doctoral degree at a university
or a research institute in Africa, Latin America, or Asia.


2. Doctoral applicants who are currently seeking their Doctorate at the University of Bonn are not
qualified for funding. Candidates for funding should complete their doctorates at their residence
university (to sidestep brain drain).

Qualified Countries: Africa, Latin America, and Asia


Type of Scholarship: Doctorate

Importance of Awards: The funding can cover the ensuing:

  1. A trip allowance (relying on country of heritage)

2. A scholarship of sum of € 1,500 each month (extra funds for escorting family members: up to
sum of € 300 for a partner and sum of € 250 each child)

3. A research expenditure allotment of up to a sum of € 300 each month can be presented to the
International Office after the scholarship has been granted. Information on applying for the
allotment will be fitted out with your scholarship award.


Number of Awards: Not Specific

Procedure of Application: The application must be presented by a full-time professor from the
University of Bonn. The doctoral recipients must present a signed motivational letter.

Online form

Project description (PDF of utmost. 8 pages), consisting of:

  1. A summary of the research project to be worked on during the individual’s stay in Bonn;
    please pen down your recommendation for a multidisciplinary audience.

2. Justifications for the host to request the doctoral recipients.

3. A summary of how the doctoral recipient will be incorporated at the host university (place of
work, participation in the institute’s teaching and research trainings), and an enumeration of how
the project will be supervised in Bonn.

Curriculum Vitae and motivational letter of the doctoral recipient (PDF).

A financing plan (please employ the subsequent Excel table, download here)

Application Ending Date: May 3rd, 2023


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