2023 Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Masters Scholarship.

China Scholarships Council Inaugurate the Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program so as to train international government aptitudes with a wide transnational viewpoints, superior comprehensive quality, exceptional leadership and multi-cultural background.

The ministry of education, P.R China will entrust seven ultimate Chinese universities with scholarships for acknowledging learners from developing countries .


Qualifications Standards For The Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Masters Scholarship.

  1. Healthy both mentally and physically; not over forty-five (45) years old (born after September 1st, 1977.

2. A bachelor’s or higher degree, at least three years of work experience, and some academic or
professional knowledge in an area comparable to that of the program applied.

3. Laboring (working) in a government agency, company, or research institute, and being a Section
Director or Chief of Office, a senior administrator, or an outstanding scientific experimenter.


4. Satisfactory English language expertness, competent to pursue English-taught courses well.
Minimum prerequisites for reference: IELT (Academic) total score of 6.0, or TOEFL Internet
score of 80.

5. Maintaining a substantial development opportunity in his or her profession, and inclined to
facilitate partnerships and exchanges between China and his/her residence homeland.

6. Learners who are currently studying in China or are already winners of the Chinese Government
Scholarship are not permitted to apply. Point out: More information about each program can be
found in the corresponding university’s recruitment prospectus.


Please contact the Embassies or universities for the stipulated ending date for 2023

Qualified Countries: Developing countries

To be accepted at (Universities/Country): China

Type: Masters

Number of Awardees: Two hundred

Importance of Scholarship:

  1. One-year Program: Total Amount: 200,800 RMB per year for every learner, covering:

Exempted expenditures: registration payments, education expenses, laboratory experiment
expenditures, internship payments, and payments for essential education materials.

  1. On-campus lodging.

2. Occupancy stipend (96,000 RMB annually for each scholar.

3. One-off payment allowance after enrollment (3,000 RMB for each learner).

4. Comprehensive medical insurance.

5. A one-way air ticket to China upon enrollment and a one-way air ticket back from China to the
learner’s residence country after fulfillment of the study.


2. Two-year Program (1+1 studies)

Scholarship for the first educational session is the same as a One-year Program. In the second
educational year, scholars will do their theory back in their residence countries and the
dissertation defense in China, while the scholarship will exclusively cover one round-trip ticket
for the dissertation defense.

Period of Scholarship: The program’s period will be one year or two years. Educational year
from September 2023.

Method of Application: The recipient should log on to the Chinese Government Scholarship
System for online application and present application materials before April 30th, 2023.

Candidates should have accepted a pre-admission letter from one of the seventy-two
subprograms at least when they apply. When applying online, select “Type A” for “Scholarship
Type”. The agency code is 1563, and recipients are required to see the “Youth of Excellence
Scheme of China”.

Application Closing Date: 30th April 2023.

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