Academy Scholars Program at Harvard University 2024

Would you be interested in a two-year appointment as an Academy Scholars Program at Harvard University for International and Area Studies? If so, you’ve found a blog post where you may find out how to apply to Harvard University’s continuing Academy Scholars Programme.

The benefits of being named an academy scholar at Harvard University include substantial financial and research support, allowing you to carry out outstanding research projects and enhance your expertise in your area of concentration. Additionally, you can network with academics who will influence your academic writing.


The Harvard Academy Senior Scholars are a group of intellectuals. They are now faculty members because they go through the same procedure you would if you were finally chosen. These sharp people participate in the university’s selection of new academics and scholarly activities.

The Harvard Academy Senior students will educate and supervise all academy students selected for the two-year in-residence postdoctoral fellowship programme. With the academic resources at their disposal, they will assist the Academy learners in realising their fantastic potential.


The Harvard University Academy Scholars Programme, accepts applications from recent PhD recipients and those seeking doctorate degrees in the social sciences. The five or six candidates chosen for the esteemed course will each earn $75,000 to aid with their research projects. They will also get additional advantages.

Academy Scholars Program at Harvard University Evaluation

Sponsoring the project is Harvard University/Academy.

Harvard University is the award’s host institution.


PhD and postdoctoral levels for the scholarship

Value of the scholarship programme: $75,000

Five to six scholarships are offered each academic year under this system.

All nationalities are eligible for the scholarship programmes.

September 22, 2023, is the deadline for scholarship submissions.

Academy Scholars Program at Harvard University Advantages

The five to six chosen exceptional candidates will receive $75,000 and other fantastic rewards.

eligibility requirements for  Harvard University Advantages

All candidates are encouraged to click the application link below to read more about the criteria for the award. This is crucial since only candidates who satisfy the eligibility requirements may apply for the scholarship scheme.

Documents required for Academy Scholars Program scholarships

study proposal

Personal statement

Submission of a sample of academic writing

Three letters of reference Transcript of the applicant’s PhD studies

Application Instructions

For the scholarship programmes, Harvard University only accepts applications on time. As a result, candidates are urged to submit their applications and necessary paperwork before the deadline.

The following URL is the application link: 


Five to six candidates will be chosen among those who submitted their applications by the deadline for the available scholarship slots.


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