Birmingham Law School Scholarships 2023/2024

Are you submitting an application to the University of Birmingham to study law in the 2023–2024 school year? We’ve got some happy news for you! Birmingham Legal School has announced several scholarships for undergraduates and graduates pursuing a legal degree in the next academic year.

This blog article will help you if you want to be considered for one of the excellent scholarships. Several students will be awarded scholarships regardless of where they are from. The honorees must, however, satisfy requirements and have exceptional academic records.


All scholarship candidates selected for the final lists will each get £10,000 to help cover their tuition costs. The candidates will also have access to additional advantages, even if they may not be financial.

The famous University of Birmingham is one of the esteemed public research institutions in the UK. With 33,000 pupils now enrolled, it was founded in 1825. International students attend the undergraduate and graduate degree programmes at Birmingham.


Birmingham Law School Scholarship Summary

The institution being supported is the University of Birmingham.

The scholarship programme is held at the University of Birmingham.


The host nation for the scholarship programme is the United Kingdom (UK).

A scholarship from Birmingham Law School is worth $10,000.

The degree level covered by Birmingham Law School Scholarships covers undergraduate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programmes.

Scholarships at the Birmingham Law School are available to exceptional overseas students.

The award expires on August 31, 2023.

Criteria for Birmingham Law School Scholarship Eligibility

You may apply for the scholarship programme if you are a student from outside the United States.

You cannot currently be enrolled in another University of Birmingham programme.

You must be an independent scholar.

You must have gotten a scholarship from the University of Birmingham to attend.

Birmingham Law School Fellowships

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LL.M. with the Harding International Legal Scholarship
College of Arts and Law Masters Scholarship [LLM] from the Kalisher Trust
financing for graduate research
Scholarships for MSc in Responsible Data Science

Guidelines for Birmingham Law School Scholarship Applications

Here is a link to the scholarship program’s application. Submitting applications and other necessary materials is urged for everyone seeking a scholarship.

Link to Apply: 


Be sure to submit your application and the necessary paperwork before the deadline after reading the scholarship’s eligibility requirements and instructions.


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