Scholarship Opportunities in USA

International students from across the globe have a great way of achieving their study abroad dreams, These are the scholarship opportunities in USA. A great place to think of is the United States of America why because some of the prestigious universities in the world are situated here. It is clear that studying abroad is an adventure filled with so many experiences and a USA degree is accepted globally.

Because of the cost of studying outside your home country, there are several sponsors who are happy to support the education of motivated international students. Below are the list of fully funded scholarships in USA, read carefully on the requirements and how to apply

List of Scholarship Opportunities in USA.


1. The University of Texas at Arlington PhD Scholarship for 2024/2025

For its fully supported PhD fellowship programme for the 2024–2025 academic year, the University of Texas at Arlington has established an application site encouraging interested candidates to apply. No matter their ethnicity, gender, origin, or other social features, interested students are welcome to apply to the University of Texas at Arlington. The University of Texas at Arlington is more concerned about students’ academic achievements than their colour, gender, or background.

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2. Awards and Scholarships at Colby-Sawyer College for 2023–2024

Colby-Sawyer College USA is accepting applications for its Scholarships and Awards from interested domestic and international students. The scholarship programme awards selected students $17,500 for their tuition fees. The selected students are also offered awards, though Colby-Sawyer College determines the requirements.Deadline for the scholarship programme: continuing

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3. Scholarships Grants at Daemen University 2023–24

Scholarships & Grants from Daemen University are available to overseas students who desire to continue their studies but need the necessary funds. The $11,000 scholarship initiative helps to offset some of the tuition costs for the chosen students.The scholarships and grants  are only partially supported; as a result, applicants must be enrolled in a tuition-paying programme and have real financial need.The deadline for scholarship applications is November 1, 2023.

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4. International Student Scholarships at University of Alabama 2024–2025

Birmingham, Alabama, is home to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It was established as a public research university in 1969. There are 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students in Alabama, and they come from around the globe. For tuition-paying and first-year students, the famous University of Alabama at Birmingham offers Scholarships for International Students. Students enrolled in full-time studies will get the $7,500 scholarship package.

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5. Academy Scholars Program at Harvard University 2024

Would you be interested in a two-year appointment as an Academy Scholars Program at Harvard University for International and Area Studies? If so, you’ve found a blog post where you may find out how to apply to Harvard University’s continuing Academy Scholars Programme. The benefits of being named an academy scholar at Harvard University include substantial financial and research support, allowing you to carry out outstanding research projects and enhance your expertise in your area of concentration. September 22, 2023, is the deadline for scholarship submissions.

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6. 2023–2024 ASU Global Education Planning Scholarship

The ASU Global Education Planning Scholarship for international students is administered by Arizona State University [ASU]. This is the ideal time to fulfil your academic desire of attending a university on a scholarship. Follow the application instructions and submit your application and necessary documentation by the deadline to be considered for the scholarship grants.The number of applicants who will receive a scholarship this year has been estimated at 20 by ASU. ASU will choose applicants based on their academic credentials as well. The maximum scholarship amount is $4,000. The deadline for scholarship applications is September 1, 2023.

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7. 2024–2025 James Madison Graduate Fellowship Programme USA

Apply for the James Madison Graduate Fellowship Programme in the United States of America [USA] if you wish to be a model and exceptional secondary school teacher of the American Constitution. The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation funds JMGFP and is accessible to American citizens and interested overseas students. All those chosen for the fellowship by the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation will receive $24,000. Programme for Fellowships Ends on March 1, 2024

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8. Florida Institutes Bright Futures Scholarships In 2023-2024

Studying at Florida Institutes without a scholarship is very expensive, and that is why you should consider applying for the Bright Futures Scholarships at the prestigious Florida Institutes; all questions about the scholarships and the steps you need to take to be among the selected applicants have been answered in this piece.The scholarships cover 75% and 100% of selected applicants’ tuition fees

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9. University of Maryland Free Online Courses With Certificate In 2023

International students from all over the world who are interested and qualified can apply now through the University of Maryland’s application portal for its free online courses with certificates.Apply for one of the continuing free online courses offered by the University of Maryland if you’re seeking an online course that you can take from the comfort of your own home or place of business at your earliest convenience.The University of Maryland awards certificates in digital form that are accepted worldwide to chosen students who complete their online degrees.

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10. Presidential Scholarships at Boston University 2023-2024

Boston University started operations in 1839 and presently has over 30,000 students from across the world, studying life-changing degree programs. The Boston scholarship award is up to $25,000 and the beneficiaries are expected to use it to settle their tuition. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years and it is the University that will determine the criteria.

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11. A&M University of Texas Scholarship Program 2023-2024

This blog post is written to inform international students who wish to study in the United States of America but do not have funds to settle their tuition and other educational expenses which appear to be somewhat expensive. The A&M University of Texas has good news for you.  The A&M University of Texas has designed a Scholarship Program for you to study your preferred course at the University without having to face the financial burden that comes with studying in the United States. This great opportunity is for students who want to study undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the iconic University.

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12. Manhattanville College Scholarship Program 2023-2024

The Manhattanville College Scholarship Program is for exceptional students who wish to study Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees at the institution in the United States. Manhattanville College is widely recognized for offering its students quality education. That’s why we asked you to count yourself lucky for discovering this informative post. The Institution has several academic fields and you can choose any field you desire while applying for the scholarship program

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13. International Student Scholarship Program at Kansas State University 2023-2024

Kansas State University is calling for applications from outstanding International students for its scholarship program. The University is offering scholarships of varying amounts. Both graduate and undergraduate international students with commendable academic records can apply for this scholarship award. The University is well-known for offering scholarship awards to promising International students who wish to further their education.

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14. 2023–2024 UCI Distinguished Scholarships

The University of California employs the UCI Distinguished Scholarships Category each academic year to aid excellent students enrolled in the University’s approved undergraduate and graduate programmes. Continue reading this blog entry if you want to benefit from the scholarships.Students accepted to the University of California to pursue their desired studies before November 30, 2023, are automatically given scholarships. Therefore, you must apply for admission to the famous UC to continue your study with one of these scholarships.

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15. Chapman University Financial Aid and Scholarship Program 2023-2024

The cost of pursuing degree programs in the United States is very high and discouraging for students who cannot afford them. But with the Chapman University Financial Aid and Scholarship Program, you can study in the country without passing through the financial stress that comes with educational expenses.

The scholarship program is offered based on merit which is determined through students’ grades, test scores, and maybe other academic accomplishments. The successful students will be decided by the Admission Committee.

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