Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for International Students – Top 5 In 2023

Are you interested in studying abroad but in an Arabian country? This is the best opportunity for you to do so because, in this article on the Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for International Students, we will list the top scholarship and information about the scholarships. 

More than a thousand scholarships are given to international students by the Saudi Arabian government and prestigious schools like the Islamic University of Madinah, King Abdulaziz University, and many others.


Each of these scholarships will, on average, pay all tuition fees, a $1500 monthly stipend, housing costs, health insurance premiums, and transport costs for the academic year 2023–2024. Many of the scholarships are completely funded, and based on the institution giving them out, they might also pay for your visa processing costs.

Scholarships in Saudi Arabia – Studying in Saudi Arabia 

Particularly for Arabic or Islamic studies courses, Saudi Arabia presents as one of the finest study abroad options. Contemporary Saudi institutions offer a broad range of degree programs in agriculture, medicine, education, computer science, and information science. Most of these classes are taught in English, particularly the specialized ones like science and engineering.


Saudi Arabia is a welcoming place for international students, regardless of race or origin. Surprisingly, the nation also offers complete cultural and linguistic immersion in Arabic to students who are not from the Middle East or native Arabic speakers.

In order to strengthen diplomatic relations and encourage the influx of international students into the country, the government of Saudi Arabia and top Saudi universities annually award scholarships to deserving students from various nations.

List of Top Saudi Arabia Scholarships 2023

1. Islamic Development Bank Scholarships

This grant is provided for all academic levels and is given out by the Islamic Development Bank. (Undergraduate, Master, Ph.D., Post-doctoral, Training)


The Islamic Development Bank Scholarships, funded by the ISDB and offered to foreign students, cover tuition, medical, and travel expenses. To read more and apply, click here.

2. Government of Saudi Arabia Scholarships

This grant is provided for all academic levels and is given out by the Saudi Arabian government. (Undergraduate, Master, Ph.D., Post-doctoral, Training)

Every year, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia awards scholarships to deserving students from all over the globe. This is consistent with the kingdom’s increasing emphasis on and support for disseminating knowledge and scientific research as part of its numerous contributions to international scientific and cultural communication that support the development of human civilization. Click here to apply.

3. Scholarships at the Islamic University of Madinah

The Islamic University of Madinah offers this scholarship for undergraduate and graduate education.

International students are eligible for scholarships from Islamic University Madinah, including a monthly stipend, free housing, and high-quality medical treatment. The university’s scientific departments and science-related studies are eligible for the scholarship. To read more and apply, click here.

4. King Abdulaziz University (KAUST) Scholarships

Undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students can apply for completely funded KAUST Scholarships.

The students at KAUST have the opportunity to work on some of the most important problems the world is currently facing and explore next-level research with the top-notch resources the institution has to offer. KAUST scholarships include a round-trip ticket for air travel, a monthly stipend, housing, and medical treatment. Click here to apply.

5. Al-Majma’ah University Scholarships

Non-Saudi students can receive scholarships from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to attend Saudi institutions for postsecondary education. The governmental scholarships can be categorized as follows: the first is for non-Saudi students legally residing in Saudi Arabia, and the second is for non-Saudi students studying overseas. To learn more and apply, click here.


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