The 2023 University of Newcastle Scholarships for Excellence in Africa

With its ongoing Africa Excellence Scholarship, Newcastle University hopes to assist up to 100 exceptional overseas students. One of Australia’s universities, the UN, is renowned for providing scholarships and internship support to overseas students to help them reach their educational goals.

This year, the University of Newcastle Excellence Award will provide 100 chosen students $50,000 towards their academic costs, including tuition. The scholarship is a programme awarded based on merit. Therefore, the applicants the institution deems deserving of her entrance will automatically receive the scholarship.




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Australia’s esteemed Newcastle University [UN] is a public research institution. The United Nations will commemorate 59 years of operation and academic success in 2024. One of the top universities in the globe and Australia is the university. You can get a degree in undergraduate or graduate studies at the University of Newcastle.

University of Newcastle Scholarships Summary

The scholarship’s host institution and programme sponsor is the University of Newcastle.

The scholarship prize is given each year and is worth AU$ 10,000.

One hundred students will get the scholarship.

International undergraduate students are eligible for the scholarship grant.

The scholarship is solely available to Africans.

Criteria for University of Newcastle Scholarships Eligibility

The candidate must be an African national.

The applicant must be beginning an eligible postgraduate or undergraduate degree programme.

The applicant must be a paid student.

The applicant cannot currently hold any other scholarships.

Guidelines for Scholarship Applications

No application is required for this scholarship programme. Applicants will be informed of their scholarship grant after receiving an admissions offer from the University of Newcastle.

Links to applications are available at


Students from Africa who pay their tuition and have excellent academic records are eligible for the scholarship.