ZACONS General Nursing Programme 2024/2025

Are you passionate about making a difference in people’s lives? Do you dream of a career where you can provide care and support to those in need? If so, the ZACONS General Nursing Programme might be the perfect opportunity for you to kickstart your journey into the world of nursing.

Admission Made Easy:


To join the ZACONS General Nursing Programme, you need five credits in subjects like English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all in one sitting; you can combine results from NECO, WAEC, or NABTEB.

Applying is Simple:


Ready to take the first step? You can purchase your application form online through the College Portal. Keep an eye out for the application period, which usually starts around mid-March and ends by the end of the month.

Ace the Entrance Exam:

Once you’ve applied, gear up for the entrance examination, typically held at the end of March. This test will evaluate your readiness for the program.


Showcase Your Potential:

If you’re shortlisted based on your exam performance, you’ll be invited for an interview in early April. Use this opportunity to highlight your passion for nursing and why you’re the perfect fit for the program.

Start Your Journey:

Upon successful completion of the interview, you’re on your way to becoming a registered student. Get ready to dive into a comprehensive three-year program that combines classroom learning, lab work, and hands-on clinical experience.

What to Expect:

During your time in the program, you’ll explore a wide range of nursing topics, from anatomy and physiology to psychology and nursing ethics. You’ll also gain valuable clinical experience through rotations in different departments, preparing you for the diverse challenges of the healthcare field.

Certification and Beyond:

After completing the program, you’ll receive a certificate in General Nursing and be eligible to take the national licensing examination. This opens up a world of career opportunities in hospitals, clinics, schools, and community health organizations.


Q: Can I apply if I didn’t get all five credits in one sitting? A: Yes, you can combine results from different exam sessions.

Q: What happens after the interview? A: Successful candidates proceed to registration and begin their journey as students.

Q: Is financial aid available? A: ZACONS offers various scholarships and financial aid options. Be sure to inquire during the application process.


The ZACONS General Nursing Programme is more than just a course; it’s a pathway to a fulfilling career dedicated to serving others. With a supportive learning environment, practical experience, and abundant career prospects, this program equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the healthcare industry. Take the first step today and embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a registered nurse


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